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"In 30+ years of purchasing equipment ranging in price from a $500 push mower to a $55,000 rough unit, I can say unequivocally the Sweep-N-Fill brush is one of, if not the, best value I've received for my equipment purchasing dollar. The unit is simple, durable, cleans greens in a single pass, and is inexpensive.


I've used both the Gandy brush as well as the Greens Groomer and neither impressed me as much as the Sweep-N-Fill."

Allen Parkes, PGA Professional/Certified GCSAA, Traditions at Chevy Chase, Wheeling, IL

























"John, a fellow superintendent, should be commended and awarded "Inventor of the Year" for this piece of equipment. It is so simple. It is amazing."

Thomas Dale, CGCS The Links at Brigantine Beach

"We got it. We have used it and it is the cat's meow!!!"

Barry M Bennett, CGCS Valdosta Country Club

"I have used the Sweep-n-fill for the past 3 seasons and wanted to let you know how well it has worked for me. We don't core aerate and top-dress until the 1st week in October which is very late for the Chicago market. With traditional drags and brushes we could never fill the holes with top-dressing that late in the fall. The Sweep-n-fill does the job even when there is a little moisture present. It used to take several guys with drags and push brooms to try to work the sand in. Now it only takes 15 minutes per green using 1 guy with the Sweep-n-fill. We have thirty greens on our property. The Sweep-n-fill paid for itself after 1 season."

Chris Pekarek, Village Links of Glen Ellyn, Glen Ellyn






















"We eliminated four people in our clean up process after aerification!!!"

Todd Dodge, Browns Run Country Club

"We contracted all 18 greens plus the practice green for deep tine aerification and removal of plugs. We then added sand, (enough to fill all aerified holes) and worked it in with the Sweep-N-Fill. Actually, we brushed in 22 greens because three greens required more sand after the first brushing. Amazingly, we closed shop and left for home at 3:30 in the afternoon! Unbelievable!!!"

Mark Goodwin, Meadowbrook Country Club

"We have used the Sweep-N-Fill III in several ways on our Miniverde Ultradwarf Greens. The first time I used it was immediately after an aeration and we used the brush to fill the holes with topdressing sand. It works better than any other brush I have tried for getting the holes filled with sand.

We also used the brush last summer to stand up the leaf blades before mowing. We would run the brush so that it turned opposite of the predominate grain to stand everything up, then we would back track mow with either groomers or rotating brushes engaged - this was one way to reduce grain on the greens.


Where we get the most benefit from the Sweep-N-Fill III is when we lightly vertical mow the greens with Triplex Units. Instead of using buckets to collect the material as we verticut, we let the material go on the greens' surfaces. Because of the amount of sand topdressing we do, there is alot of sand brought to the surface with the organic material removed. Once the organic material has dried, we run the Sweep-N-Fill III across the green into the adjacent collar and rough and then lift the brush. The brush sweeps the sand we lifted right back into the vertical mowing slits, while sweeping the organic debris to the end of the green for removal. It is amazing how well this has worked for us, and the labor savings are huge. I'm sure we will continue to find more and more uses for the Sweep-N-Fill III, and couldn't be happier with the results that we have achieved up to this point."

Ralph Kepple, CGCS East Lake Golf Club, Atlanta, GA

"Wet or Dry, all you have to do is demo this brush and it sells itself. Superintendents are amazed at how it works."

Todd Jones, Reel Turf Equipment Company, LLC

"So simple, yet works amazingly! We demo'd one and now it is impossible to go back to the old ways."

Thomas Reid, Asst. Superintendent, Plymouth Country Club, Plymouth, MA

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