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If your work involves turf, Sweep-N-Fill III can save hours of labor that equates to dollars. The many uses of

Sweep-N-Fill III will prove invaluable to your maintenance operations. From turf preparation, to clean-up,

Sweep-N-Fill III will consistently provide solutions to problems in and around your facility.


Dream Turf Sweep-N-Fill III operates from two ground driven wheels mounted within the outer frame. This photo shows Sweep-N-Fill III in the operating position with the towing wheels lifted. There is 6" ground clearance in transport mode.

Heavy duty construction throughout the drive mechanism results in a long service life with trouble free operation. Now with sealed bearings in drive wheels. Sweep-N-Fill III's unique gearing allows the operator to tow at any speed necessary to obtain the surface finish desired. Notice the turf-friendly tread on all tires.

The brush mounts are fully adjustable so the operator can position the brushes to the proper height. Can be set to allow brushes to float and follow the undullation of the turf surface.


​Sweep-N-Fill III's hitch is engineered to accommodate many tow vehicle heights. By adjusting the hitch higher or lower, the operator can be sure the brushes are working the surface properly.

Results that Pay in Time and Money
Most operators only need 15 to 20 minutes for every 7,000 square feet of green being worked.
One person is all that is required to perform a complete brushing of top dressing sand from total filling of holes to a mowing-ready surface. Greens are normally finished in two or three passes.
One golf course has eliminated four positions in the clean-up process following core aerification.
Built By a Professional for Professionals
Fills aerified holes and cleans turf surface of aerified greens amazingly fast and complete.
Grooms greens and removes grain after a few uses. (Brush greens to lift lateral growth. Then mow afterwards).
Brush in routine top dressings (Effectively places sand in crown of plant).
Fill divots on tees and heavily used areas of fairways (Great on practice range tee).
Grooms, Infill synthetic Turf, Sport Fields (Outstanding at redistributing sand and rubber infill while lifting turf fibers).

Fully guarded chain cover.

This video shows the Sweep-N-Fill II model in action. The results are exactly the same with the new Sweep-N-Fill III. The Sweep-N-Fill III flicks, grooms, and sweeps exactly like the Sweep-N-Fill II with the added benefits of:
  • Faster actuator

  • Nearly double the ground clearance in transport mode

  • Sealed bearings in the drive wheels

  • Narrower overall stance with transport wheels being moved to inside of frame.

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